Surviving Death

Dr. Tucker’s work was featured in Episode 6: “Reincarnation” of this Netflix series.

Secrets of the Soul

This clip from the documentary, Secrets of the Soul, focuses on the case of Sam Taylor from Chapter 7 of Life Before Life. As a toddler, Sam began saying he was his deceased grandfather, and when he was four, he picked out his grandfather in an elementary school class photograph.

The Boy Who Lived Before

This British documentary focuses on Cameron, the boy in Chapter 3 of Return to Life. His family lived in Glasgow, but Cameron claimed he had another mother on Barra. Part of the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, Barra is a remote island with little more than a thousand people on it.

Real Stories: Children’s Past Lives

This documentary includes several interesting cases, including the remarkable story of Purnima, a girl in Sri Lanka who recalled the life of an incense maker in extensive detail, as investigated by Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson. It is described in Life Before Life.

Past Lives: Stories of Reincarnation

This clip shows the case of William, which opens Chapter 1 of Life Before Life. William recalled being his grandfather, who was killed by a bullet that pierced his heart. William was born with a heart defect.

Science of the Soul

This documentary includes material from a number of areas, including past-life memories. It has an extensive review of James Leininger’s case, which is the subject of Chapter 3 of Return to Life, as well as the book, Soul Survivor, which James’s parents wrote about their experiences.

Presentations & Interviews

​Vail Symposium

Dr. Tucker presented cases and provided an overview of the research findings.

UVA Medical Center Hour: Is There Life After Death? 50 Years of Research at UVA DOPS

Dr. Tucker took part in a panel presentation with the other researchers at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies, reviewing work in the different areas that suggests that consciousness may continue on after bodily death.

Is There Life After Death? UVA DOPS Faculty Panel Discussion

Moderated by John Cleese. Presentation at the Tom Tom Founders Festival.

John Cleese Interviews Dr. Jim Tucker re: DOPS Research into Children’s Past Life Memories